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I changed the background color for my app, but other elements keep the same background color. Looks like I missed some easy configuration, bsc for NSTabViewItems item colors is deprecated by docs, and using current theme...

enter image description here

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You can't easily adjust the tint of the standard controls. You're going to have to subclass and override the drawing code for each of the elements.

Also, may I humbly suggest that you leave it the default color?

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Sorry, but i can't leave default color, bcs i have part of project at iphone with good color ;-). So i like a good customer experience to see a similar colors platform independed ;-).Yep, i'm going to subclass job. All issues now works well instead of NSTabViewItem's. they don't have rect for whole item, just for label, and i have no idea now how i can change it myself. NSTabviewItem instant from NSObject, so nothing to add there. Finally, i guess i must to change design from tabvie controller to segmented controller, but this is a hard way ;-) – Alex May 9 '11 at 9:42
+1 for suggesting the OP uses the default colour. @Alex: UI elements should only be altered if it adds something to the overall interface and "making it look like the iPhone version" is NOT a good reason. Users of each platform (iPhone / mac) will have different expectations of look and feel. – Benjamin Gale Jun 12 '11 at 7:53

U may use Core Animation layer in IB. Choose your object (for example button), open the view effects inspector (⎇⌘8), set checkbox with your object, add "content filters" color monochrome and set color! That is all!

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