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I wonder about the choice of AWS Elastic Beanstalk as an environment for the production system. Do you have some experience in this regard?

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More info as I have been using EB for more than 8 months...

So far so good, elastic beanstalk has its limitation though.

  1. It is designed for service handling, but when you just want a processing unit, you need to do something additional for ELB and autoscaling.
  2. Fixed in latest release: No VPC yet, so your Elastic Beanstalk is still exposed to the internet., but VPC support is limited and need manually config through config files.
  3. Fixed in latest release: Not easy to customize the webserver (e.g. tomcat) you have to use your own images.
  4. Limited tuning option on the webserver parameter.
  5. From my experience, reliability is OK not great, the main problem is the EB automation scripts sometime can stuck you environment.

But overall I like it.

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We deployed our Java webapplication (all three environments) Beta, Staging and live on ElasticBeanStalk. They are doing well, so far we haven't faced any issues with Elastic Beanstalk.

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