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I want to POST a form using ASP.NET. How can I do this?

I am new to ASP.NET. In PHP I used <form>'s method attribute, like this:

<form method="POST" action="..."></form>
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This code will be useful in case of link button

  Text="Submit" />

For simple button

      Text="Submit" />

Here target page is an event and for it you have to do C sharp coding. You should use following code in "targetpage" event:

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See this Snippet Code:

  Text="Submit" />

How to: Post ASP.NET Web Pages to a Different Page

You might be also interested in getting the posted page variables as follow:

   public string UserName
      get { return this.tbUsername.Text; }
      set { this.tbUsername.Text = this.sUsername; }

And in the new Page Use:

 string sPostedUserName = (string)PreviousPage.UserName;
 //  you must first get a strongly typed reference to the source page
 <%@ PreviousPageType VirtualPath="~/login.aspx" %>

To get more into this see Cross-Page Posting in ASP.NET Web Pages

There are too many ways of reading the posted variables like Query String:

 string prevPageVar  = Request.QueryString["MyVariable"];
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