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I have a team of 5 developers which I work with and within the team we all use Resharper and Stylecop to assist with out development. We develop .net applications in C# using visual studio and use TFS for source control.

Each developer has a resharper and stylecop settings file on their PC which they develop against.

However having a settings file per PC leads to inconsistencies. So we would like to set it up so we have a settings file for resharper and stylecop per solution source controlled with the solution. So when a developer opens the solution, the associated settings files are used rather than a local version.

Could someone assist me in how this may be set up as I expect it is fairly common practice. I have used google to research this but I have not got any clear instructions to achieve this.

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Check out for details on how to share things like code style with the rest of the team.

Check out for details on how to share stylecop settings with a team.

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This link contains more information about the R# settings management.

This looks interesting also. But I am not sure if this still works with 7.1. (resharper settings manager)

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