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Hey guys, I have question about urlencode and rawurlencode...

I tested them out and they produce different result like firefox & some online encoders...


Firefox & encoders

ä = %C3%A4
ß = %C3%9F

PHP rawurlencode & urlencode

ß = %DF

ä = %E4

Anyone got some idea except hard-coding and replacing?


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You need to understand why you are seeing this, otherwise "fixing" the problem is only going to result in problems later. See stackoverflow.com/q/1549213/50079. –  Jon May 7 '11 at 12:46

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They produce different outputs because you provided different inputs, i.e. different character encodings: Firefox uses UTF-8 and your PHP script uses Windows-1252. Although in both character sets the characters are at the same position (ß=0xDF, ä=0xE4), i.e. the have the same code point, they encode that code point differently:

 CP   | UTF-8  | Windows-1252
 0xDF | 0xC39F |         0xDF
 0xE4 | 0xC3A4 |         0xE4

Use the same character encoding (preferably UTF-8) and you’ll get the same result.

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Thanks gumbo it worked. $str = "hehe näturlich ß"; $out = iconv('ISO-8859-2', 'UTF-8', $str); echo rawurlencode($out); produced result i want... thank you –  king May 7 '11 at 13:29

maybe base64 encode, and use in post, to not make visitors afraid of this URL's? Arsen

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