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I'm building an image gallery with 600 thumbnail photos. All the thumbnails are the same size and they should all behave in the same way. Clicking on a thumbnail will bring up a small version of the image and there's an image magnifier called jQZoom that will let visitors see the photo in more detail. ( http://www.mind-projects.it/projects/jqzoom/ )

Here's the code I'm using for a typical thumbnail (number 462):

<a  href='javascript:void(0);' title="Plate 462" rel="{gallery: 'gal1', smallimage: './Vol4/Small/tafel_462.jpg',largeimage: './Vol4/Large/tafel_462.jpg'}">
<img src="Vol4/Thumbs/tafel_462.jpg" width="94" height="150" border="0" /></a>

The problem is that it seems like a lot of code for what I'm trying to do. In particular, every time I add a thumbnail I have to type in the new image number 4 times (for the title and the sources of the 3 image sizes).

Isn't there a way I could just put in the image number once (as an ID or something) and have a javascript interpret that to assign the title and the three links?

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yes, you have the right idea. The principle is called DRY - Don't repeat yourself. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don%27t_repeat_yourself –  Cheeso May 7 '11 at 13:21

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What you think about a function to return the desired HTML?

function getImageThumb(src, title) {
    return $('<a href="javascript:void(0);" title="' + title + '" rel="{gallery: \'gal1\', smallimage: \'./Vol4/Small/' + src + '.jpg\', largeimage: \'./Vol4/Large/' + src + '.jpg\'}">' +
             '<img src="./Vol4/Thumbs/' + src + '.jpg" alt="' + title + '" width="94" height="150" border="0" /></a>');

So you can create each thumb like:

$("#container").append(getImageThumb('tafel_462', 'Plate 462'));
$("#container").append(getImageThumb('another_img', 'An Example'));
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A beautiful solution! Simple, elegant, and functional. I was even able to streamline it a bit more by putting the "tafel" and "Plate" bits into the function and only using a single variable for the number. Thanks for your help! –  Trevor May 7 '11 at 18:01

Yes, you can. Your a html should have two attributes, let's say data-imgsrc, and data-gallery, and remove the a's rel attribute and the img's src attribute like this:

<a  href='javascript:void(0);' title="Plate 462" data-gallery="gal1" data-imgsrc="tafel_462.jpg">
<img width="94" height="150" border="0" /></a>

Then you'd do:

  $("a[data-imgsrc]").each(function(){  //Customize your selector
     var imgsrc = $(this).attr("data-imgsrc");
     var relObj = {
        "gallery": $(this).attr("data-gallery"),
        "smallimage": "./Vol4/Small/"+imgsrc,
        "largeimage": "./Vol4/Large/"+imgsrc
     $(this).attr("rel", JSON.stringify(relObj));
     $(this).find("img").attr("src", "Vol4/Thumbs/"+imgsrc);

If your gallery isn't variable, you could remove the data-gallery attribute and just put 'gallery1' in the js.

That's it. Hope this helps. Cheers

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