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I'm writing an app using Android 2.1 At some point, I call setOnKeyListener In particular, I write...


This is in the main thread, in the onCreate callback. At this point in the code, I would like the processing to stop and wait for the keyboard input. If I let the code run on, the logic will break, soon enough.

I suppose I could put the machine in a wait loop until a keystroke invokes the onClick method. I could also create a wait loop at the point where the input from the user was required. But I don't feel comfortable with either of these solutions. (A related problem is this -- at a certain point in the code, the screen must be lit up. Must I check this before proceeding past that point?

Perhaps I'm not good with documentation, but I have not been able to find anything specific that answers these questions.

Can someone explain to me how to accomplish the timing I need and, more generaly, where I can find info on these questions?

Thanks in advance.

-looking in DC

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The Android key system is event-based, it does not work like the old ask-and-wait mechanisms of C/C++ etc for obtaining user input.

If you blocked/waited - then what would happen if the user pressed the Home key (you can't catch that) or navigated to another app - your app would force close because it would still be waiting and your onPause etc would not execute.

My suggestion would be:

  1. Put all the code that should occur after the click into some function
  2. Place the listener at the end of onCreate, this way no more code will be executed after you set the listener
  3. When you get a key-down, call your function. Thus the statements in your function will only execute after a key down

If however, this is for a game, then it is acceptable to have a thread dedicated to touch/key-events which sleeps for 50s or so to avoid event overload (but this must not be the main UI thread!)

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