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Does XCode 4 have keyboard shortcut for the two menu options: Edit > Find > Replace and Find Next / Previous?

If not, (1) why not, (2) how do I create them, and (3) which key combinations do you recommend for the shortcuts?

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As for Find next/Find previous, you should be able to use standard Cmd-G and Cmd-Shift-G Mac shortcuts.

But the keyboard shortcut for Edit > Find > Replace doesn't seem to be provided by default. However, you can set up one if you go to XCode 4 Preferences (Cmd-,) and then click Key Bindings. There are options available for Replace, Replace All as well as Replace and Find Next.

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As for Find & Replace, they are provided by default now (version 4.2.1):

Find & Replace: Cmd + Option + F
Find & Replace in Workspace: Cmd + Option + Shift + F

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+1 I've been looking everywhere for this shortcut! –  Alan Moore May 5 '12 at 1:37

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