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I thought I'd try and be clever with some JavaScript and use a regexp instead of repeated use of the indexOf method. I failed. Miserably.

I would like to try and match anything (using the test method) in the following order:

predefined string + space + forward slash + one digit number: 3-8 + decimal point

Can someone tell me what the regexp would be?

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Assuming the predefined string is myString:

/myString \/[3-8]\./


myString    - predefined string (including space)
\/          - Forward slash
[3-8]       - A digit (between 3-8)
\.          - A .

A good resource for regular expressions is http://www.regular-expressions.info/

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Thanks :) One last question, is [x-y] specifically a digit or just an (entire) integer? –  lpd May 7 '11 at 15:41
@lpd - neither. It is for a range. You can do [a-z] for all lower case English alphabet, for instance. –  Oded May 7 '11 at 15:43

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