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I'm sharing xcode4 project through svn.

Wonder if it'll be ok for another user to use xcode3.
I read xcode3 and xcode4 can read the same project file.
However, when you share the project file using svn file, it's a bit different story.
(Mainly I'm(with xcode4) worried of possibilities that I'll have to rebuild project on every other person(with xcode3)'s commit or vice versa)

Has anyone done this?

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I did this already at it was no problem. Xcode 3 and Xcode 4 are using the same formats, only the interfaces differe.

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From XCode 4 User Guide

Xcode 4 can open an Xcode 3 project without difficulty. You can open the project in any of the usual ways: Control-click the project and choose Xcode 4, drag the project onto the Xcode 4 icon, or choose File > Open to open the project. You can have both Xcode 3 and Xcode 4 installed on your system at the same time without conflict. You can open a project in either program, save it, then open it in the other program without invalidating the project or losing any data.

Xcode 4 reads and builds projects created in Xcode 2.1 through the latest release of Xcode 3. Projects created with Xcode 4 can be opened and built on Xcode 3.2 and later.

Opening and building a project in Xcode 4 does not upgrade or alter it. Changes you make to a project in Xcode 4 remain compatible with earlier versions of Xcode.

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General interoperability works fine. But if you use Xcode 4's integrated unit testing (running "application tests" in the simulator), those won't work in Xcode 3.

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