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I would like to add a hook to an application. I am using SetWindowsHookEx and I can create a system wide hook, but I want to create a hook for a particular application. I need to have thread id of the target application to hook it. I know title of the window, I know exe name and from these I can get window handle and process id, but how do I get the thread id? I saw a post about how to do it in c#, but I do not see how to get a list of threads in c++.

HWND windowHandle = FindWindow(NULL, _T("SomeOtherApp"));
DWORD processId = GetWindowThreadProcessId(windowHandle, NULL);
DWORD threadId = ??? // How do I get thread id here?
HHOOK hook = ::SetWindowsHookEx( WH_CBT, HookCBTProc, hInst, threadId);

Thanks, Alexander.

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GetWindowThreadProcessId() returns the thread ID. You are erroneously assigning the thread ID to the process ID variable. Instead write:

HWND windowHandle = FindWindow(NULL, _T("SomeOtherApp"));
DWORD threadId = GetWindowThreadProcessId(windowHandle, NULL);
HHOOK hook = ::SetWindowsHookEx(WH_CBT, HookCBTProc, hInst, threadId);
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Thanks. I was over complicating things. –  sjcomp May 10 '11 at 0:42

The answer is GetWindowThreadProcessId. It takes the window handle and returns the ID of the thread that created the window and optionally the process ID.

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That's right. Thanks for pointing it. I have corrected the answer. –  Marius Bancila May 7 '11 at 18:25
Thanks for the response. –  sjcomp May 10 '11 at 0:43

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