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I'm having some problems debugging my zendamf remote. I'm on a Mac running MAMP. I've got Flex 3 with the SDK 3.6 and Flash Player 10.

I've got Charles running. I don't see anything too weird although, I'm not sure what I should be looking for. I get 200 OK for everything except:

http://localhost/zendamf_remote_flex_dcre 301 POST localhost /zendamf_remote_flex_dcre7 ms 1.16 KB Complete null

Later down Charles' list, I see:

http://localhost/zendamf_remote_flex_dcre/ 200 GET localhost /zendamf_remote_flex_dcre/ 186 ms 533 bytes Complete

Zend Amf Endpoint

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Okay, I figured it out. I forgot "-service" in the compiler option settings.

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