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I'm working on making a library. Eventually I will use CMake but right now I'm just using MSVC.

First my directory structure (as an example) will be as follows:


The way I used to include blah in bloop was by doing:

#include "../blah.h"

I looked at many other libraries and they did not do this, they instead did:

#include "LibRoot/blah.h"

So I did this and now MSVC cannot find this include file. How come it works on another MSVC based lib, but mine does not? Is there a certain flag that I must set or something?


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You need to add whatever directory LibRoot is in to the Additional Include Directories of the project's properties (on the C/C++ - General page).

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Alright thanks! So is this proper practice for making a X platform library? –  Milo May 7 '11 at 17:49

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