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I couldn't find an answer to this question. I'm trying this:

$("#klikk").click(function() {
      $("#jquery_jplayer_1").jPlayer("play", 2).delay(2000).jPlayer("pause", 0);

But not working. Whats happening: simply don't stop the sound. W/O the delay it's stopping immidiately. So what I need: if I click on the link, play the section from 2 to 4 seconds.

Thansk for help!

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how to limit 30 second only play the song –  user767224 May 24 '11 at 6:42

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Try this:

$("#klikk").click(function() {
    $("#jquery_jplayer_1").jPlayer("play", 2); 

$("#jquery_jplayer_1").bind($.jPlayer.event.timeupdate, function(event) { 
    if(event.jPlayer.status.currentTime > 4) { 

Adapted from this post.

Good luck!

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