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I wish to compile hSpice pva through emacs. However, compile-mode does not parse the output properly.

This is the error message the pva compiler generates (the pvaE section):

Parsing include file 'include/constants.vams'
Parsing include file 'include/disciplines.vams'
*pvaE* Syntax error, unsupported syntax or illegal keyword at/before 'vco_cal_dec'
    file "/my/path/to/file/", line# 226

  (ari_var>=0 ari_var<= 7) : ari_var2=16;

This is the compile mode settings that fail to capture the above output:

(defvar verilog-compilation-error-regexp-alist '("^\*pvaE\* .+\n\s+file \"\\(.+\\)\", line# \\([0-9]+\\)"  1 2))
(add-to-list 'compilation-error-regexp-alist  verilog-compilation-error-regexp-alist)

Help fixing this regexp will be much appreciated !

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The whitespace syntax in your string is wrong. Instead of "\s+" it should be "\\s-+".

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Also the \* should be \\*. In Emacs, string literal syntax and regexp syntax is completely independent, so you need a backslash in the regexp, and another backslash to protect it in the string literal. – Gilles May 8 '11 at 10:01
still does not work... – Ari Sharon May 9 '11 at 12:24

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