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I'm looking for good resources on creating Eclipse plugins. Can anyone point me to must-read books, articles or tutorials on the subject?

Update: added recommended books and links



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A book on Eclipse Rcp by Jeff McAffer : Link

Other OSGI, RCP resources by McAffer : Link

A good online article by Lars Vogel with examples : Link (Works with Eclipse 3.4 (Ganymede))

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Eclipse Plugins is the best book you can find to learn about eclipse plugin development. It covers the latest version of Eclipse (Eclipse 3.4).

Professional Eclipse 3 for Java Developers is also a good book, but covers only Eclipse 3.2.

Eclipse Corner Articles is a website where you will find authoritative eclipse articles.

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I've used a prior edition of Eclipse Plugins with good success.

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I have it too. It's probably the best one out there on the subject. However, its very dry and for some reason the paper they used makes the book abnormally heavy even though it's not that thick. – Luke Feb 27 '09 at 0:45

I've found to be a very good place to go for help, they have a good forum as well as articles on eclipse development. Also, the ibm developerworks series has some good articles on various eclipse plugin related stuff, but some of them require you to sign up for a (free) IBM account id.

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