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I am a volunteer coordinator for a not-for-profit with some basic experience using Python. I'm willing to put in <8 hours of learning for my current project (otherwise, I'll do it manually). I'm running OSX 10.6. I might be able to get help from one of my volunteers :)

I have an excel spreadsheet of information about my volunteers, and I'm trying to automate the task of updating specific fields in my web-based volunteer management software from the data in entries from my spreadsheet. I've read responses to related questions, but none seem to include the external excel database. Also, I understand that I may be able to bypass the user-interface (by building my own html connection to the software's website).

Please suggest the simplest, and alternatively, the most flexible tool I might use for this task. What information would I need about the remote software? Is there a better format than excel for my database? Any clarifying questions?

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Well, PHP is probably the most common way people do this but considering your 8 hour limit and affinity for spreadsheets, you can check out for a way to make use of an online spreadsheet.

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Thanks GroovyDotCom! I will definitely look into Google spreadsheets. – Notionist May 8 '11 at 14:40

Try online form/survey services. Jotforms have a good free plan that might fit your needs.

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