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I should be blind as I could not find these commands available in the ubuntu and debian's distribution, neither the package containing them.

Shall I code and compile them in C by myself (or write or find this code in perl or whatever language) or is it (I mean inet_aton, inet_ntoa ..) available as a bash command somewhere within these distros ?


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I'm surprised you need them on a bash commandline. By all means, implement them (in perl seems sane to me) –  sehe May 7 '11 at 22:05
just because I have some admin scripts written in bash and, for portability reasons, I would like to avoid invoking other interpreters just for a 1 line need. –  hornetbzz May 8 '11 at 13:18

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inet_ntoa and inet_aton aren't commands - they're library functions, for converting between textual and binary representations of IP addresses.

You can get at these functions easily using the Socket module in Perl:

$ perl -e 'use Socket; print inet_aton(""), "\n"'
$ perl -e 'use Socket; print inet_ntoa("{-CY"), "\n"'

or the socket module in Python:

$ python -c 'import socket; print socket.inet_aton("")'
$ python -c 'import socket; print socket.inet_ntoa("{-CY")'

but I'm not sure why you'd want to be working with the binary representation of an address in a bash script. (The bytes of the address in the examples above happen to correspond to printable ASCII characters, but you can't expect that to be true in general...)

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