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You can shorten the name of the logger using %logger{x} syntax where x controls shortening procedure. Is there any way to shorten the name of the thread the same way?

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This will print the last 7 characters of the thread name.

Trailing characters of a thread name are often more interesting than the characters at the beginning of a thread name. :-)

You may read about the maximum field width modifier in the logback docs.

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I just opened a new feature request for %thread{length}. – broc.seib Mar 20 '13 at 16:04

I don't think there is the equivalent of the {x} syntax for %thread, but you can use something like %.-5thread to print just the first 5 characters of the thread name, but just 5, not a shortened version (obviously, adjust the number to your needs).

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You can use:


This expression prints the first 10 chars of the thread name.

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