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I'm basically trying to create a search to find articles (or articles from an author). I've ended up with this query:

   SELECT `articles`.*, `authors`.*
     FROM `articles`
LEFT JOIN `authors` ON (`authors`.`id` = `articles`.`author_id`)
    WHERE MATCH (`articles`.`title`, `articles`.`description`)
            AGAINST ("test")
       OR MATCH (`authors`.`first_name`, `authors`.`last_name`)
            AGAINST ("test")
 GROUP BY `articles`.`id`

I have made sure that all four matched fields are FULL TEXT indexes. The search matches against and finds all articles made by a user with first name 'Kevin' but will not match if I search for articles named 'Test' (which exists).

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welcome to stackoverflow. – Johan May 8 '11 at 3:29
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Match against will not find a score for "stop" words.

Stop words are words that occur in 50%+ of the results,
or that are in the official stop word list™.


For finetuning Match Against see:

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