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I am trying to get a mobile version of a Google calendar to embed into a mobile website without having to log in. If anybody has gotten this to work before or has any idea how to do it please help.

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I think this article may be of use to you: support.google.com/calendar/answer/41207?hl=en –  Angel Apr 27 '13 at 0:49

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To allow everyone to see your calendar, you'll need to make it public.

And just in case, here's how to embed the calendar on your website:

  1. In the calendar list on the left, click the down-arrow next to the calendar you want to embed, and select Calendar settings. (Alternatively, click the Settings link at the bottom of the calendar list, then click the name of the calendar.)
  2. Copy the iframe code displayed in the Embed This Calendar section.
  3. Paste this code into your website to embed your calendar.

The instructions above were taken from Google's Calendar Support "Embed on your website".

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