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I cannot seem to find anything clear in NASM's documentation regarding the difference between using Section or [SECTION ] (with the brackets) in your code. I am aware these are macros, but I see them used almost interchangeably. Is this the case? In other words is

[SECTION .text]

Equivalent to

Section .text


Do brackets maybe imply some arcane side effect?


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[SECTION .xyz] is the primitive form of the section directive which simply sets the current output section, "SECTION .xyz" differs slightly because it works like a macro :


expands to the two lines

%define __SECT__ [SECTION .text] 
[SECTION .text]

which can be used in conjunction with a macro to temporarily switch the output section, and switch it back to its original value. Example from the NASM manual :

%macro  writefile 2+

[section .data]

%%str:        db      %2


    mov     dx,%%str
    mov     cx,%%endstr-%%str
    mov     bx,%1
    mov     ah,0x40
    int     0x21


When you use this macro, the output section is set to .data temporarily by the primitive form of SECTION, and set back to its original value with __SECT__

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