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I have 4 tables (Type01, Type02, Type03, Type04) . They have different columns . Table Type01 is a parent of 3 child tables (subtype01, subtype02, subtype03) . And it has a one to one relationship with its children (each record in parent corresponds to one record that exists in only one of the children) . I want to retrieve all (to make life easier) records of all of the 4 tables including related children by order (date of insertion) . So, I created a super table having universal ID for types . See the figure please .

enter image description here

Now, what is the sql query for retrieving all records of the 4 tables including children of table Type01 ? and is this the most efficient design (space & retrieving speed) ?

Thanks a lot .

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man . sorry . I did not know about this . really . would you explain for me ? again, I am not aware of that . –  Roobah May 8 '11 at 6:54
ok . any answers please . –  Roobah May 8 '11 at 9:51

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SELECT Types.ID, COALESCE(SubType1.Name, Type2.Name, Type3.Name) as Name,
  COALESCE(SubType2.Description, Type1.Description, Type2.Description) as Description,
FROM Types
  LEFT JOIN SubType1 ON (Types.ID = SubType1.ID)
  LEFT JOIN SubType2 ON (Types.ID = SubType2.ID)
ORDER BY Types.Insert_Date;

Fill in the various columns you want to return, add LEFT JOINs for all leaf node tables, and add your WHERE conditions.

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Thank you very much . –  Roobah May 15 '11 at 8:59

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