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I created a web application that is using Java Media Framework. It runs in my unit tests and successfully finds the capturing devices. However when I deploy my application to Tomcat the same method returns an empty list of Capturing devices as if Tomcat is missing something that helps JMF to find media devices.

I suspect jmf.jar cannot find native dll's of JMF package, which somehow are visible in Eclipse but are not visible when application is deployed to Tomcat.

Can anyone give a hint how to deploy jmf correctly?

As example: this application claims that it is working, however when war file is deployed to my Tomcat it cannot find any capturing devices.

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put your jmf.jar in tomcat lib folder and then check whether it works or not – ankurtr Apr 16 '13 at 7:51
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Solution is to copy all JMF dll files into /bin directory. DLL files are native libraries that are used by jmf.jar to interact with Web Cam. So these libraries should be loaded by Tomcat.

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