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I'm trying to parse the 2 values contained within double quotes from a session string. The other string variables are not constant and therefore can not use any additional characters as markers. I only need the quoted values. My following sscanf function is incomplete.

$string = 'a:1:{s:14:"";s:8:"20110508";}';

sscanf($string,'%[^"]', $login_ip, $login_date);

echo $login_ip;
echo $login_date;

Thanks for your help.

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why not use regx it is more flexible –  Ibu May 8 '11 at 6:35

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That data is just PHP serialized text from serialize()

In which case you can get at the data you need with:

$sessionData = unserialize('a:1:{s:14:"";s:8:"20110508";}');
list($ip, $date) = each($sessionData);
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$string = 'a:1:{s:14:"";s:8:"20110508";}';


echo $matches[1];

This should return your ip address. consult php.net

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you can extend the regex to make it match your date also. –  Ibu May 8 '11 at 6:41

You can use regex to do that.

$string = 'a:1:{s:14:"";s:8:"20110508";}';
$pattern = '/"(?P<ip>[^"]*)"[^"]*"(?P<date>[^"]*)"/';
preg_match( $pattern, $string, $matches );
echo $matches['ip'].' '.$matches['date'];

First quoted value will go to ip, second to date.

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An interesting hack would be to use explode using " as the separator like this:

$res = explode('"','a:1:{s:14:"";s:8:"20110508";}');

Any value in double quotes would be returned in an odd index i.e $res[1], $res[3]

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