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Seems that Nokia Developers website isn't keen to give solid information on how to set up a basic programming environment for Nokia Apps.

I tried the Carbide C++ pathway once and couldn't even get the HelloWorld to compile & run. So my question is this: How do you setup Nokia Apps development and which platform to use? (C++, Java, QT?, QML)

My guess is that once this is done you just copy the .SIS or .SISX file to your phone and it should work there.

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The environment that you should use depends on the device platforms that you want to target, e.g. Java for S40, Qt for Symbian 3, etc. There is a summary page on Forum Nokia which gives an overview.

I'm not too familiar with Java development for S40 but if you want to target S60 or S^3 then by far the easiest path is to download the most recent version of the Nokia Qt SDK (currently 1.1). This package contains the Qt Creator IDE, including debugging and deployment tools, and all of the platform components needed to develop Qt-based apps. There is also emulator support and the ability to use remote compiler services to cross-compile binaries for various different platforms.

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QT would probably be the easiest to get going. Not everyone like Symbian C++, and S40 is a very limited platform

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