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Using 'find' I'm planning to pass all files with a specific ending as an argument to a jar-file.

find $directory -type f -name "*.in"

Somehow this is supposed to happen:

java -jar MyJar-jar input.in

How can this be performed?

Thanks in Advance

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find "$directory" -type f -name '*.in' -exec java -jar MyJar.jar {} \;

Replace \; with + if the application can take more than one file at a time as arguments.

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xargs -0 -a<(find $directory -type f -name '*.in' -print0) java -jar MyJar.jar
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+1 for getting filenames with spaces in them –  linuts May 8 '11 at 15:37
java -jar MyJar.jar `find $directory -type f -name "*.in"`

should do the trick.

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