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I am trying to set up a push notification service for my WP7 app.

I have followed the guides and built a WCF service with WPF front end based on the code provided by the Channel9 WP7 jump start guide (Weather Service exmaple) ; http://channel9.msdn.com/Learn/Courses/WP7TrainingKit/WP7Silverlight/UsingPushNotificationsLab/Exercise-2-Introduction-to-the-Toast-and-Tile-Notifications-for-Alerts

This all works locally with the address "http://localhost:8000/RegirstatorService"

The part I am cluless about is how I translate this app to my server and make it work in the real world. I have a basic public facing server 2008 setup with a domain and IIS7 running.

What do I do with the WPF app to make it work on my server? Is it just a case of changing the endpoint address so somehwere on my server, and where do i locate it on my server.

any pointers would be helpful. i have had a good read around the web but still cant understand this part of the whole PN process. I ahve never dealt with WCF before and dont have much expreirence with web servers or IIS.

Many thanks.

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