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Before I build, I choose x86 (or Any CPU, too) in the Properties tab for the project.

I save these properties, and if I re-open the Properties tab it's back to x64 as the platform and target, why?

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Choosing a build configuration in Properties doesn't actually change the active build configuration. It only allows you to switch between the various build configurations that are defined for your project so that you can edit the settings for each of those configurations. It's only a configuration selector.

The easiest way to change the active build configuration is using the drop-down boxes on the toolbar:


Those commands should be present in your toolbar by default. If you don't see them, follow these steps to get them back where they belong.

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awesome, thank you –  Nico May 8 '11 at 13:33

Make sure that your .csproj file is not readonly.

Make sure that your changing the build target, not the configuration selector.

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