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I have a label called dateLabel that displays when did a user last time got logged in:

dateLabel.Text = "Sist gang logget inn: " + string.Format("{0:d}\n{0:T}", Session["LastLoginDate"].ToString());

What i want i to display the information in 2 different lines. In the first the date and in the one below the time.

  • How should i modify my code to achieve this?
  • Does it mind if i use a label, or maybe i should use another component?
  • Currently in that output there is a duplicate, but i don't understand why, how can i avoid that?

Current output:

enter image description here

Desired output:

enter image description here

Can someone give me some tips?

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Replace \n with <br/> Also replace



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All given answers were valid. My main mistake, was, i did not use <br/> Thank you! –  sfrj May 8 '11 at 15:21
dateLabel.Text = string.Format("Sist gang logget inn:{1}{0:d}{1}{0:T}",
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@sfrj as far as i know its not possible to wrap the text on asp:label control you can try a text box control instead read on the following link


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