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I have set up the board according to the RX cpu example in eclipse, and everything seemed to be working fine till I wanted to get the example running on the board. When I click the option to hardware debug, I get an error saying "Error launching GDB server. Check installation".

Am I to re install eclipse, or the GCC toolchain for the RX cpu, or anything else?

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I don't know anything about your specifics (that is Renesas or the RX62N). I do use eclipse for embedded work. Typically on a new platform I would make sure I can build and download a release version first. Once you have that working then see if you can get a Debug build and the debugger running. On the platforms I am used to, you have to put in hooks (typically just a single call) to enable the debugger. For exmple on the NetBurner the debugger can run over the serial port or Ethernet so the call has to specify which version you want to use. I know other platforms use JTAG debuggers etc, Typically a dev kit for the board comes with a manual that details how to get the debugger working. I doubt that you need to reinstall anything you just need to get the configuration set up correctly.

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