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I need to track the user's changes to an image being edited in an IKImageView, in order to dirty its window with NSWindow setDocumentEdited:YES. The array in the NSLog in the following snippet remains empty after visible changes have been made to the image with the panel's tools. i don't see any way to examine the panel.

if i were to subclass the IKImageView, i'd still be in the same problem, with no hook into the IKImageEditPanel controls.

any ideas?

 IKImageEditPanel *panel = [IKImageEditPanel sharedImageEditPanel];
 id source = [panel dataSource];
 if ([source isEqual:self.imageView]) {
     NSArray *filters;
     NSLog(@"[panel filterArray] is : %@", [panel filterArray]);

     filters = [panel filterArray];
     return filters;

note: i don't have enough rep to make an IKImageEditPanel tag, if someone would do that, thanks.

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i did a class-dump on ImageKit.framework. in IKImageView (IKPrivate), there is - (id)filterArray, and i can call this in GDB and see a value changed from zero on a filter i invoked. of course, this is not usable to me in my project, just interesting. the readonly property on IKImageEditPanel which is supposed to be public returns an empty array. i don't care what filter was used, just that one was so i can dirty the window for a save alert. am i completely wrong about this possibility? – lulu May 10 '11 at 23:19
by inspecting NSUndoManager ('s_undo_stack), i found that the IKImageEditPanel has it's own undoManager. i added a property to my view controller class for +sharedEditPanel and it's undoManager, and observed on NSUndoManagerDidOpenUndoGroupNotification, and i can setDocumentEdited:YES when it fires. it makes sense now, i just didn't think about it at first (d'oh). just want to leave this here in case someone else is helped by know about this. – lulu May 12 '11 at 19:13

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