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I'm wondering if I can figure out if a CSS3 property is doable in user's web browser


if($('#element').css('-moz-transform', 'rotateX(180deg')){ //Do something }

Above example does not work. If it is not possible how do I detect the browser using javascript? For example, webkit browser like Chrome and Safari or Mozilla browser?

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It's not JQuery, but my suggestion would be to use the Modernizr Javascript library.

It does exactly what you're asking, being able to detect support for a wide range of browser features which may or may not be available in various browsers, including CSS 2D transforms.

It adds a range of classes to your <body> element so you can set CSS styles according to feature support, and it also makes available a Javascript object with all the feature support flags, which you can query at any point.

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It might be possible using getComputedStyle but it's far easier to use a plugin that unifies all the browser differences in CSS3. One good plugin is the jQuery transform plugin

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