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I have a page with a number of feature panels - beneath which I include a button for each of them. The idea is that when the user clicks on a button, the relevant panel is rendered (with the rest being hidden). I'm working on some JQuery which...

  • creates an array from the feature panels - where class = slide-content
  • steps through the array, creating a 'button' for each feature panel - #slidecontrol + unique ID
  • these link (s within
  • s) are then appended to a set within the page
  • when the user clicks a link, the code steps back through the array, turning off those feature panels that arent relevant and turning on the one that is. This code then also attempts to apply a unique style to the link that was clicked on....
... which is where I'm hitting a problem. For some reason I can't reference the previously dynamically created links - Neither using .css() nor .addClass().

My jQuery code:

slideArray = $('.slide-content'); //array of slide-content divs
var $ulslidecontrols = $('#slide-controls'); //instance of slides ul
var $indexno 
//step through the array - create a nav button/link for each slide content div
$.each(slideArray, function (index, value) {
    $indexno = index;
        $("<li><a href='#' class='slide-control' id='slidecontrol " + $indexno + "'>"
        + $indexno + "</a></li>")

$('a.slide-control').click(function () {
    var $slide = $(this).attr("id");
    $slide = $slide.charAt($slide.length - 1);

    //step through the slideArray, hiding slide-content not selected and amending
    style of slide-controls
        $.each(slideArray, function (index, value) {
            $indexno = index;
            if ($indexno == $slide) {
                $('#slidecontent' + $indexno).hide().fadeIn(600); 
                //display slide content
                $('#slidecontrol' + $indexno).css('font-size', '50px');

            else {
                $('#slidecontent' + $indexno).hide(); //hide slide content
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use jquery live for any elements added at runtime.


i think something wrong here in your code

check what is $indexno is printing and

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Hi Kobe,I'd tried that, though it doesnt seem to help.. replacing ('a.slide-control').click(function () { ... with $('a.slide-control').live("click", function () { – Dan May 8 '11 at 17:07
@dan , check your $indexno once – kobe May 8 '11 at 17:14
Kobe - I've come across the same at the same time.... what a wally!! Cheers Kobe for your assistance. Much appreciated ;) – Dan May 8 '11 at 17:18

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