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if a 32-bit OS running on dual core 64-bit CPU, are both core performance's are lower?

what is exactly happening inside CPU?

Are the 2 cores still working together, and slower than if equipped with 64-bit OS?

I am using a Win 7 32-bit Professional on Intel P6200.


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The major advantage of 64-bit CPUs is their ability to address more memory. It generally won't affect speed. An exception might be where a given program can run faster with more RAM, and you actually have that much RAM (more than 4GB on Windows). (And, of course, the program must be a 64 bit application.)

The processors are working together in exactly the same way. They just have smaller address spaces with the 32 bit OS.

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From user perspective a 64-bit operating system mostly just allows you to run 64-bit applications. And why would you do that?

If your application has a dedicated 64-bit version, and it is heavy on numerical calculations, which were optimized to use capabilities of x64 platform (mostly more general-purpose registers), or needs a lot of RAM (more than 2GB) at once, then there are chances it will work faster.

Otherwise, most probably it will work at the same speed as 32-bit version.

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It makes very little difference but my experience is that a 64 bit OS runs some 32 bit apps very slightly better than a 32 bit OS. But it's marginal at best.

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