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    $(this).animate({left: '-500px'}, 'slow');

I use this code to animate position of the link. I move it to the left corner with slow animation speed.

How do I change speed of this animation to fast, when link is clicked?

We should get:

  • slow animation when link is hovered.
  • fast when it is clicked.

The problem is, link can be already animated, when we try to click on it. What do you think?


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you can specify the time interval as a second argument...that will take care – kobe May 8 '11 at 17:47
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    $(this).animate({left: '-500px'}, 'slow');
).click(function() {
    $(this).dequeue().animate({left: '-500px'}, 'fast');
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You could try:

    $(this).stop(true).animate({left: '-500px'}, 'fast');

(Not tested)

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This might work, using stop() to stop any animation already running.

    $(this).animate({left: '-500px'}, 'fast');
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