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Is there any way to retrieve data via ajax from another domain without using JSONP or any other library (a pure JS solution?)

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Try to look at CORS, however it's not supported by every browser.

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And you also have window.name transport. Some people use this technique for older browsers. –  Thai May 8 '11 at 18:03

JSONP is not a library, it's a technique. JSONP itself isn't related to or dependent upon jQuery or anything like that, though jQuery does have support that makes it simple. You can easily do this with plain DOM/JavaScript.

The technique is to dynamically insert a script tag into the document, setting the source to your external server. The external server should send back JSON data wrapped in a function. The function is called when the script is loaded, of course.

So, say you have a function in your main script, json_parse.

Insert a tag like

<script src='yourserver.example.com/the_data.php?jsonp=json_parse'></script>

And let's say that script sends back the data, wrapped in a function call to the function you specify, json_parse in this case.


And there you go, you've accessed JSON data from an XD server. Note since you're loading a script, this only works for GET requests.

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