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When I use the default server in Visual Studio 2010 (Not sure if this is cassini or IIS?), the the last folder within the path at which I open the web site project (not a solution), is appended to the losthost url.

For example:


Would open a url at the following:


This seems to cause problems with CSS files and javascript not resolving etc, but if I change the url to http://localhost:x/login.aspx I then get an error stating the aspx file is not present.

Why is an extra folder appended? This is highly annoying, I just want the files being served to be in the root URL path as they are in the website project.

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Go to your project, right click, properties and under the web tab, you should have checked Use Visual Studio Development Server, there you can specify a port and a virtual path, probably you have /mywebsite1 there, just delete that virtual path.

You asked this some time ago, but hope it helps anyway.

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ok great thanks, I never got round to re-visiting this as I started using local IIS server rather than the built in one. I'll give it a go next time. – jaffa Jun 29 '11 at 8:35

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