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I'm simulating a lego nxt robot in Blender game engine. One of the steps is to simulate the sensors the lego nxt have. I managed to simulate colission and distance but i also need a color sensor.

One way is to use use a ray sensor that looks for a specific material or property but that is limited to only one color.

My idea was to use a camera with a very narrow field of view and take the color from there. I would also be very usefull if i ever wanted to simulate a camera onboard the robot.

Does anyone know how to work with the output of a blender camera?

I need a way to grab frames from a certain camera and then process those.

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I was looking for the same yesterday here, but didn't find anything. Today I found this: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Robotics:Middleware/YARP/Python_Simulator_Example

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