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I've installed Aptana Studio 3.0.1 as an eclipse plugin and ruby 1.9.2p180. When I run a ruby script from Aptana and track its execution on the debug console, it delays the output until script finalization.

Here is a simple code example:

puts "Hello world!"
print "Enter a phrase: "
puts gets

When I run this program on Aptana, I get this output

Hello world!
Enter a phrase: Test

But running it on ruby interpreter gives me a different result:

ruby test.rb

Hello world!
Enter a phrase: Test

The latter is the correct output.

What's happening? Maybe I found a bug in Aptana or is it due to a misconfiguration?

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Well there's two explanations:

  1. There was a bug that could cause this in 3.0.0. (See and ). Those should have been fixed in 3.0.1, so that may not be the cause.
  2. Ruby sometimes buffers up output to STDERR/STDOUT (specifically on Windows we tend to see this). You can force them to flush by adding the following in your code:

    STDERR.sync = true
    STDOUT.sync = true

    There was a fix in 3.0.2 where we silently do this for you:

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