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I'm developing a miniFilter driver and took the Microsoft's SwapBuffers miniFilter as example. An InstaceSetup routin by default is attaching to all volumes. But I don't want to attach to all of them, only to some choosen...

I tried to set "NULL" instead of "InstanceSetup" in "FLT_REGISTRATION FilterRegistration" and then to call "FltAttachVolume" in the "DriverEntry" routin. I've done the following:

PFLT_VOLUME vol; UNICODE_STRING vname; .... RtlInitUnicodeString(&vname, L"E:\"); FltGetVolumeFromName(gFilterHandle, &vname, &vol); ... FltAttachVolume(gFilterHandle, vol, NULL, NULL); ...

When i tried to call FltAttachVolume with the "NULL" 3-d parameter (PCUNICODE_STRING InstanceName) i received a "STATUS_FLT_INSTANCE_NAME_COLLISION" error.

If i call FltAttachVolume with a "NOT NULL" 3-d parameter, such as a "UniqueInstaceName" it returns me "-2145452013".

I'm receiving the same errors, when i,m trying to attach a volume, using a FilterAttach routine from my User application, like this:

... driver.driverName = L"swapBuffers"; ... LPCWSTR vname = L"F:\"; ... FilterAttach(driver.driverName, vname, NULL, NULL, NULL);

With "NULL" 3-d parameter (LPCWSTR lpInstanceName): "ERROR_FLT_INSTANCE_NAME_COLLISION"

With "NOT-NULL": "-2145452013".

In MiniSpy miniFilter there is a User application, and the routine FilterAttach is used. I tried to call this routine in my application the same way - no results.

Finally, i changed the swapBuffers inf-file:

  • there was no DefaultInstance parameter, i set it: "SwapBuffers - Top Instance".
  • also i copied this from the MiniSpy inf-file:

    [MiniFilter.AddRegistry] HKR,"Instances","DefaultInstance",0x00000000,%DefaultInstance% HKR,"Instances\"%Instance1.Name%,"Altitude",0x00000000,%Instance1.Altitude% HKR,"Instances\"%Instance1.Name%,"Flags",0x00010001,%Instance1.Flags% HKR,"Instances\"%Instance2.Name%,"Altitude",0x00000000,%Instance2.Altitude% HKR,"Instances\"%Instance2.Name%,"Flags",0x00010001,%Instance2.Flags% HKR,"Instances\"%Instance3.Name%,"Altitude",0x00000000,%Instance3.Altitude% HKR,"Instances\"%Instance3.Name%,"Flags",0x00010001,%Instance3.Flags%

    ............. Instance1.Name = "SwapBuffers - Middle Instance" Instance1.Altitude = "370000" Instance1.Flags = 0x1 ; Suppress automatic attachments Instance2.Name = "SwapBuffers - Bottom Instance" Instance2.Altitude = "361000" Instance2.Flags = 0x1 ; Suppress automatic attachments Instance3.Name = "SwapBuffers - Top Instance" Instance3.Altitude = "385100" Instance3.Flags = 0x1 ; Suppress automatic attachments

changing the flags to 0x1 to suppress automatic attachments. And only installing my SwapBuffers miniFilter through this Inf file, i received "STATUS_SUCCESS" from FltAttachVolume routine in my driver. But it isn't really attaching to the disk...

What am i doing wrong? Thanks.

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