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I am using RSpec-2 to test my controller and I am seeing weird behavior. Essentially I am doing the same as in Railscasts #71

describe DeliverablesController do
  describe "responding to POST create" do
    describe "with valid parameters" do
      it "should pass the params to the deliverable item" do
        post :create, :deliverable => {:title => "Some Deliverable"}
        assigns[:deliverable].title.should == "Some Deliverable"

Which results in the following error:

  1) DeliverablesController responding to POST create with valid parameters should pass the params to the deliverable item
     Failure/Error: post :create, :deliverable => {:title => "Some Deliverable"}
     No route matches {:deliverable=>{:title=>"Some Deliverable"}, :controller=>"deliverables", :action=>"create"}

Obviously :deliverable should not be part of the route but written into params. My problem starts with not being sure which post method is called.

My Gemfile.lock can be found here.


And my routes.rb can be found here.

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Can you show us your routes? – hammar May 8 '11 at 22:53
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Sometimes it is good to bounce off ideas: My problem was that I am in a nested route basically doing the following.

resources :projects do
    resources :deliverables

The error message threw me off, the real problem was that I did not provide a project_id. I fixed it by doing

post :create, :project_id => 11, :deliverable => {:title => "Some Deliverable"}

instead of

post :create, :deliverable => {:title => "Some Deliverable"}

Thank you, hammar!

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