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I'm a bit confused on how to grab query results. With VBA i would open a record set and have the results of the query written to that recordset. IN how can I grab the query result and throw each column into specfic arrays?

dim ssql as string
ssql = " Select * from table "

Now how would I force it to query my DB? I have a connection established already.

After the query how can i play with the columnes and place them into arrays?

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This is actually a pretty big might want to get an overview before you start.

To answer your question: If you have a database connection you can use a DataAdapter to fill a local dataTable or dataSet.

connectionString = "Data Source=servername; Initial Catalog=databasename; " + _
    "User ID=userid; Password=password"
cnn = New SqlConnection(connectionString)
sqlAdp = New SqlDataAdapter("select * from users", cnn)

EDIT: This is just a sample, you'll want to close the connection and declare a dataSet 'ds'.

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