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I have this situation in PHP. I have an array that has these keys for example, wires-1, wires-2, wires-3. I need a function or way for my program to read these keys, and find that the common word is wires? How would that be accomplished in PHP? Thanks for your help.

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What would constitute a "common word"? String starts with $word? $word appears before a $delimiter_character in $string? Be clear. –  AJ. May 9 '11 at 0:30

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Take a look at how an autocomplete's functionality works, this is similar to your approach.

I'm sure there's plenty of source codes for autocomplete on google

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For the string value of every key in your array:

  1. Throw away all non-alpha characters, i.e. leave only letters such that ctype_alpha($remaining_text) should return true.
  2. Keep an array with the found words as keys, and their frequencies as values, as such:

    $array = new array();
    function found_word($word)
    {  global $array;
       if(!isset($array[$word])) { $array[$word] = 1; }
       else { $array[$word]++; }

    Only nicer ;)

  3. Sort the array in reverse by using arsort($array);
  4. $array now contains the most found words as its first elements.
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  1. you would have to create every possible suffix of every string you have.
  2. create a map for every suffix you found
  3. count the occurence of every suffix in your string array

you can modify the performance with f.ex. limiting the suffix length

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