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So I'm preparing for interviews and I came across this object oriented design question in one of the forums. I found it really open ended and I'm looking for any advice on how to go about designing it.

Design a bus stand

Any thoughts/suggestions/tips would be awesome.

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by bus stand you mean a bus stop? –  Diego Torres May 9 '11 at 1:49
The whole point of these things is to see how you'd answer them. I doubt your potential employer is looking to hire StackOverflow. –  ceejayoz May 9 '11 at 1:49
@Diego - the question specified bus stand, so I assume it means bus station. –  Craig May 9 '11 at 1:57
@ceejayoz - yes, there's no doubt about that. I'm just having trouble trying to visualize a bus stand/bus station in OO terms –  Craig May 9 '11 at 1:58
Trying to catch a bus at a bus stand would be a frustrating experience. –  Ted Hopp May 9 '11 at 1:59

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I doubt that the interviewer is looking for an architectural design. Any OO design needs to deal with things like use cases, objects and dependencies, process flow, etc. My guess is that they're testing for an ability to apply abstract OO design principles to a non-software problem.

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I think the best way to answer that question is first by looking the real object itself, for example where i live (Chile) there is a nice and self-explanatory manual of the Bus Stops for the Bus system we have. The Graphic Manual (Spanish)

Which in this case states for a few interesting things:

  • Seats (and their number)
  • Geographical position
  • Bus Service List and its restrictions (like bus will only stop at this time)
  • Type of Bus stop (there is like 3 types)
  • etc

So, in base to those things you can build a nice object :D

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