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Hi I'm looking for a WCF example which include service discovery and a way to discover/detect the binding type, I think it could be done using metadata exchange .

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I just found the correct answer, here are the steps to complete the task:

  1. Add a mex endpoint.
  2. Add metadata exachange behaviour.
  3. in the client application use discovery with metadata criteria.

Discovery with metdatada criteria

 DiscoveryClient discoveryClient = new DiscoveryClient(new UdpDiscoveryEndpoint());
                                                                                  FindCriteria findCriteria =   FindCriteria.CreateMetadataExchangeEndpointCriteria    (ContractType);
            findCriteria.Duration = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(15);
            findCriteria.MaxResults = 1;// MaxResults;

            FindResponse result = discoveryClient.Find(findCriteria);

            ServiceEndpointCollection eps = MetadataResolver.Resolve(ContractType, result.Endpoints[0].Address);
                return eps[0].Binding;
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