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A quick question. I need to submit an array of object to the server as POST, but not an ajax request. I build the data through javascript, and not part of a form. I could think about an option, by creating a mock form with a submit button, and send the data as json. IS there a better way. Is there a native jQuery JSON encoder available? or is there a better way. I see serialize interface, but it may be difficult parse the string at the server, JSON is easier.



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You can use JSON.stringify(arrayObject) to convert the array to JSON.

Another alternative, if you're building a mock form anyway, is to build your array using a number of <input type="hidden"/> fields with the same name.

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Yup -- this is the approach I would go with, and then you should be able to json_decode it php side – Atticus May 9 '11 at 4:12
thanks .. I didn't know that latest browsers has native JSON support.. – bsr May 9 '11 at 11:29

An "ajax request" IS, in almost all implementations you are likely to encounter, a POST (or GET) request.

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