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I am using mechanize module to retrieve information from a web page. It has a radio control section which I select before moving to the next page. I could easily select the value by assigning value to it. But coulnt retrieve the value of the candidate radio button. RadioSelect part of my form looks like below:

<RadioControl(rdoSelect=[1634,ABX EXPRESS, 16650,XYZ EXP])>

I could easily set the values by:

br.form['txtSource']='1634,ABX EXPRESS'

What I want is to retireve the list :

[1634,ABX EXPRESS, 16650,XYZ EXP]


When I gave

print br.form['rdoSelect']

It gives [] as result

I could get the value using

print br.form.possible_items("rdoSelect")

But its giving me this

/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/ DeprecationWarning: [ for item in self.items]
  return c.possible_items(by_label)
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Instead of:

print br.form.possible_items("rdoSelect")

mechanize says to use:

options = [ for item in form.find_control('rdoSelect').items]

Example use:

import re
import mechanize
br = mechanize.Browser()
r ="")
form = mechanize.ParseResponse(r, backwards_compat=False)[2]
options = [ for item in form.find_control('pizzasize').items]
print options


['S', 'M', 'L']
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First, a deprecation warning is not an error. Usually it means the library or code you are running was written for an earlier version of Python.

I am not sure how txtSource relates to rdoSelect (seems you expect them to contain the same value?). However a radio button usually has a symbolic value rather than the text displayed. Can you provide a sample of the HTML code?

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