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HI I have telerik mvc grid in ajax mode and editing is enabled. In my scenario i have to use only the insert mode so I disabled the edit mode. but when I run i get the javascript error on click of "Add New Record". Sample project can be downloaded from Here

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I got this to work by the following:

function GridNotes_onEdit(e) {
    $('#Content').after("<a class='t-button t-grid-cancel t-button-icon' href='#'><span class='t-icon t-cancel'/></a>")
        .after("<a class='t-button t-grid-insert t-button-icon' href='#'><span class='t-icon t-insert'/></a>");

Now, this worked when I only had one field being inserted. If you have multiple columns, you may need to customize it to your specifications. But it is do-able. As well, it worked in a detail view grid.

Hope this helps...

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I had to modify the code a bit to get it working in my situation. I used $('.t-grid-new-row td:nth-child(6)').html('< class... in the OnEdit function, where the 6 (1 based) was the column I wanted to put my buttons. –  Steve Mallory May 31 '12 at 19:12
@Crims0nTider see my answer –  Tassadaque Jun 6 '12 at 11:46

If you are looking for an official support channel as you provided a sample project, post your request to the telerik MVC forums on their site.

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the link is from there post but got no response yet :( –  Tassadaque May 11 '11 at 17:35

Had the same issue. The answer is in-line needs the edit buttons to be there, so with in-line mode the insert breaks

This link covers this and has a fix.


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