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I am newbie in Android, so I have limited knowledge. Can anyone let me to know if there is any way to open an xls sheet in Android?

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Please refer my answer in which i explain about how to create excelsheet in android. i think it is helpful for you. How to Answer [1]:… – Prince Jun 26 '12 at 4:50

Without writing your own reader specific to that file format (the spec for which can be found here. Be warned, it's like an 1,100 page PDF if you download it), you'll need a library to include in your project, or you could probably attempt to launch it via Intent. I believe most phones have some sort of QuickOffice or similar app installed, but it's certainly no guarantee.

Here is a Java library for reading/writing Excel files that I found in response to this question.

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There are two popular libraries to read and write Excel files with Java (and so, with Android): Apache POI and JExcelAPI.

Apache POI is actively maintained (as of 2014), JExcelAPI looks like its not under active development. ApachePOI can read .xlsx files which JExcelAPI cannot, which may be important for a lot of users.

What I like the most about Apache POI is its event-based Parsing model, which has a very low memory profile when reading large Excel sheets. This i especially useful on mobile devices like Android. In my experience, loading a simple Excel file with 2 sheets, a few hundred row and some formulas with JExcelAPI exceeded the memory limit (OutOfMemoryException) of the Dalvik VM on mid to low-end devices (1GB total RAM or less).

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